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A member of the World's finest fighting force, the United States Marine Corps who specializes in opperating Amphibious Assault Vehicle. Under the Military Occupational Specialty 1833, the tracker is the pride of the Marine Corps being the only MOS in the entire Marine Corps to remain Amphibious. Trackers are also known as AmGrunts, because they often serve as infantry. YAT YAS. You aint Tracks, You aint Sh#t!
an 1833: Amtracker will tear you up with his 50 cal machine gun and Mk 19 automatic grenade launcher.
by CelticsFan69 January 18, 2012
An Amtracker is a term used to reference a United States Marine with a primary military occupation (MOS) of either 1833 - Amphibious Assault Vehicle Crewman or 2141 - Amphibious Assault Vehicle Repairer / Technician.
Most of the Marines in the Court House Bay area are Amtrackers.
by January 18, 2012
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