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The best motherfucker in the world, Bosnia and the US. Is a bit shy, but crazy when you get to know her. Laughs at anything. Has the craziest brown hair that she doesn't like, but everyone else loves. Doesn't have any entries, even though she deserves a million.

AKA- Awesome. ;D
Amra, Bosnian, Kirsten, Lynette, Jordan
by Kirsten. December 08, 2008
From the Conan Storyline; Although there are some misconceptions about Amra being Conan's pet lion, which are false, Amra and Conan are the same person. It is a nickname Conan gains during a point in his life where he captains a pirate vessel comprised of all blacks. He ravages and raids the coasts of the major black nations of Shem, Stygia, and Kush. He also has been known to unload his stolen loot to a shady yet successful merchant in the white northern nation of Argos in the city of Messantia.
Amra is Conan's pirate alias.
by cowboyadam December 13, 2010
Originates from Arabic and means "A Princess"

1. Powerful- commands respect.

2. Rich/Weathly

3. Beautiful

4. Noble
"No one is more rich, powerful, intelligent or beautiful as Amra!"
by Pink_Panther December 08, 2008
The name Amra comes from the comic book Conan The Barbarian. Amra is Conan's Lion and loyal friend.

The Man Amra is a Hero, a Warrior, and a Lion.
He is sweet, but can be very edgy and tempermental.

Amra is my best friend, my love and father and protector to our beautiful children.
He can see in your soul, he knows without a doubt if you are good or evil.
Amra is magical. To know Amra, is to have touched someone extraordinary.
by Gia10 February 09, 2010
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