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An excellent hybrid strain of Cannabis, mostly Sativa. Slight pepper-y smell when fresh. A bit whiter than common homegrown. Smokes like a beauty, and will leave you feeling happy as a Jew in 1945. Note the bittersweet lemon-pepper taste, and the slow coming but strong high.
Guy1: Bro, you got that OG Kush?
Guy2: Fuck that noise, I got some Amnesia Haze
Guy1: Brah!
by Tsudun March 30, 2011
37 13
A ultra high in THC weed, will fuck you up for hours.
boy2: wassup man?
boy3: dont expect an answer, he been smokin dat amnesia haze
boy2: yo give me some of dat shit
by jesusiamursavior March 28, 2011
30 11