A shitty ass clothing company that all preppy people wear because they think their too good for normal clothes.
Tehe(preppy laugh), lets go to American Eagle because were stupid ass preps.
by Kyle Householder June 06, 2005
Anyone associated with this store is either a) stuck up asshole b) girls who follow trends too easily c) a combination of both, and whom also can't think for themselves.

Prep may mean something else, but we needed a word to group all of those kinds of people. Prep worked.
prep: i shop at american eagle, i can be fashionable while saving a great deal of money.

other: awesome, you're also a bitch. fuck you.
by Jon February 01, 2005
A complete rip-off of Abercrombie. Even the name AE. Is it just me or doest that look surprisingly like AF? Its for kids who just wanna be like the "preps", but really look queer wearing it, because its not prep at all. Abercrombie will come out with a shirt or a new style and you wont see it in American Eagle for another month. It takes them time to copy it just right. So if you wanna rip-off a great store shop there.
"Hey i saw this in Abercrombie a month ago!....and this!....and this!......geee you think American Eagle might be ripping-off Abercrombie?"
by hilton baseball player 92 March 17, 2006
1.A stoe that wants to be abercrombie.

2.Not a prep store.(its too cheap, only posers that want to be prep shop there often.the A&F prep will get a couple of t-shirts at ae to wear in gym class and get the rest from A&F)

3.A store with horrible quality clothes that are two months late.

P.S. There are different typs of preps:

Real prep-wears polo, lacoste, and is a WASP.

A&F pre-wears Abercrombie and Fitch and usall are more of a hardcore version. They(we)part alot, have sex alot, dress in awsome threads and dont care what people think.
MARY:"Fred is a real prep he lives in Conneticute and wears LL. Bean"

BOB:"Yeah and Justin is a A&F prep. Hes like an alcoholic even though hes only 17 and getts laid more than onyone i know."
by Just February 22, 2005
People who are too cheap to shop at Abercrombie. And by the way niether of these stores are "preppy". Abercrombies a good store that isnt "preppy" just good clothes. American Eagle is their knock-off brand. Its for all those fags that are too chaep to pay good money for quality clothes.
American Eagle Sucks 'cause they totally take abercrombies ideas every month. Dont support them you desperate prep wannabes.
by hilton baseball player 92 March 17, 2006
When a woman spread eagles and someone sticks an American flag in their twat.
"Dude, she so got American Eagle(d) by color guard last night"
by 50_shades_of_love August 08, 2016
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