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A store for poor people who want to "try" to be preppy! but they need to take a look at the word "preppy" in the dictionary. A prep wears ralph lauren and other big name brands not crappy AE or the cheapest most white trash store "aeropostale"
Mommy....since we are too poor and i want to look fancy, lets go get some copies of preppy clothes at American Eagle ,,,oh hold on my razr is ringing....
by Stevenhatesaeropostale December 12, 2006
A store for poor ugly people who cant afford the more upscale stores like Abercrombie! Aeropostale she be shut down forever! They make cheap imatations with stupid butterflies and monkey crap all over them....IF you shop there you should be ashamed of yourself and, Dun Dun Dun people think your poor!!!!!! Gasp!
poor girl: Oh Steven i wish i was so hawt like you and could afford expensive clothes.

Steven: Get away from me you skank! you wreak of Aeropostale Monkey you white trash girl go back to the ninth ward. Ugh!!!!
by Stevenhatesaeropostale December 12, 2006
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