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a girl that sleeps in here own vommit and enjoys getting pregnant
"dude that girl is so wasted she's turning into a maxi"
by Just February 24, 2005
Also known as Merrimack, New Hampshire. An average size town in southern New Hampshire where everyone is a beer expert or alcholic thanks to the Budweiser Brewery in town. Located between the two biggest cities in New Hampshire and is known for three things: Beer, Babes, and the one thing that requires both..... Parties...
M-town is where I come from....
by Just May 01, 2005
1.A stoe that wants to be abercrombie.

2.Not a prep store.(its too cheap, only posers that want to be prep shop there often.the A&F prep will get a couple of t-shirts at ae to wear in gym class and get the rest from A&F)

3.A store with horrible quality clothes that are two months late.

P.S. There are different typs of preps:

Real prep-wears polo, lacoste, and is a WASP.

A&F pre-wears Abercrombie and Fitch and usall are more of a hardcore version. They(we)part alot, have sex alot, dress in awsome threads and dont care what people think.
MARY:"Fred is a real prep he lives in Conneticute and wears LL. Bean"

BOB:"Yeah and Justin is a A&F prep. Hes like an alcoholic even though hes only 17 and getts laid more than onyone i know."
by Just February 22, 2005

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