Normally a hawtspice. Long hair down to her bum lyke. One of the nicest people you will ever meet, should always have one in your life. Can trust them with practically everything and she can ALWAYS put a smile on your face even when you feel like utter shit. Everyone needs one.
oh my god your just like that sexy gal amelia!
by poptastic January 03, 2012
a cute and pretty brown-haired girl. She can be hilarious and make you laugh so hard until you start to pee! all the guys love her because of her beauty inside and out. She usually has olive skin with dark hair and lovely bright eyes. She is extremely popular in her school, and many people look up to her and wish to be her friend. She usually is of origin of Brazil, Italy, Argentina, or the USA.
new guy "Who's that?!"

other guy "Oh she? Thats Amelia. She's one of a kind, huh?"

new guy "No kidding, She's hot"

other guy "I know right"
by babyboo123456 December 25, 2011
Usually A girl with brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. An incredibly smart, bubbly, sometimes hyper girl who loves to be around people. She loves to make you laugh and you will probably laugh hard when she does say something. She's not shy except around guys that she likes. She wants them to make the first move. Although, at times, she can be a HUGE flirt. She loves to have fun. She is very independent and loves to lead. But deep down, she is very insecure. She gives amazing advice, but when she needs help, she won't ask because she is afraid she will annoy you. All in All, she is an amazing girl, just don't get on her bad side.
Attention whore : Who's that?

Girl: That's Amelia

Attention Whore: She needs to back off. With her looks and attitude, there might be competition with me!
by asdfghjkltaco December 23, 2012
Amelia is the greatest girl you'll ever meet. She's smart, caring, determined, funny, generous, and stunningly beautiful. One of the innumerable great qualities of Amelia is her light taking of herself. She doesn't think that she is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and doesn't act in any narcissistic or self centered manner. She's down-to-earth, and quite eager to do absolutely anything fun or creative. She has awe-striking
Blue eyes, and cute hair that flows to her well-worked shoulders. Her hair color fluctuates with the seasons; blonde in hot summer months, and a warm, chocolately brown in the colder, winter months. She's short and stocky, having obtained massive amounts of muscle due to her overt obsession with swimming on a daily basis. She's quite the swimmer, making national meets and swimming for elite clubs And varsity high school teams. Amelia is a world
class baker, making special cakes and pastries at will, weaving art into her masterful creations. Her baked goods taste great too! She's also an amazing friend, putting in copious
amounts of effort into things to please these people. She's a good hugger (and kisser)! She's the, my best friend, and the most important person in my life.
The Queen of England: Oi, peasant, who goesth there, in the jean cutoffs and cute neon shirt? She's quite tan, and has a quite a derrière, if I do say so myself!

Tom: Ah, your majesty, that there is Amelia, an American, who swims through life as easily as she does the waters. She is an academic prodigy, but is amazing at everything she puts effort into. She's a real hero, milord, but acts with quaint modesty.

The Queen: Thank you, peasant. Off you go.

Jack: why are you talking about my girlfriend?
by Jack-worksatmarshalls July 02, 2014
Bright, whole person who is satisfied with themselves. Perfect face and unrivaled smile. She is perfect and faultless in every way and never ceases to amaze. Great taste in music and great piano skills. Listening to her play the piano can calm any soul or bring a grown man to tears. Her heart can warm an ice cap and her character is strong enough to hold up a bridge. She is an unrivaled beauty and deserves the best of everything
Amelia: hey
Me: (melts)
by alphanama November 29, 2014
a short girl, with brown hair and hazel eyes. she is bubbley , crazy, LOUD,and great to laugh with. but with all that craziness comes a loyal and honest friend,who gives the best advice. her very confident personaity is what helps her stand up for every friend, if u have a heart break or someone betrayed you she will be the first one to stand up say somthing, because messing with her loved ones is not okay to her! but all through that is a scared girl despret to fit in and scared no one will appretiate for who she is. most guys most dont even notice her but they dont know what they are missing.

she is not very athletic when it comes to any sport with a ball in it, but she is an amazing cheerleader, and dancer,she also has an amazing singer but she trys to hide it from others.she is very fashion savy she defently knows the do and dont of fashion,that is accually her pashion, fashion.

over all this girl can really knock you of your feet if you see her go and talk to her trust me you wont regret it. but dont get on her bad side because only a few people accualy get to see that and that is not a place you would like to be.make sure you give her time and she will be the best person you will ever meet.
who is that

amelia thebest person you will ever meet
by lala land 5550129 March 17, 2013
Amelia is often a golden a golden brown haired girl with bright blue eyes and long legs. She's got a hot body (great ass) and is intelligent, classy, hyper and bubbly. You can't not smile when your around her as she's smiling nearly all the time too. She's great for advise and is a good listener, however don't upset her because she only trusts a few people so once you break it it will be hard to reconnect with her. She tends to keep her deeper,sadder emotions to herself and isn't too keep on dating. She's confident, sassy, sarcastic, witty and brave and people who she's doesn't get on with says she fierce. She doesn't like to be rude and hurt peoples feelings but she does have bitchy thoughts. Nearly everyone loves her, including some boys but she isn't interested.
Boy: Who's that girl?

Other boy: That's Amelia, she's really nice but watch out and don't annoy her, it's hard to get very close to her
by Lizzypizzacakr January 08, 2015

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