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Amelia is a classic girl with a warm heart, she wants to be friends with everyone but is often forgotten when it comes to party invites and social events. She likes vintage clothing and doesn't really like to stand out in a crowd. Amelia has a soft, gentle voice and a kind nature - wishes no harm on anyone and will be joyful throughout life.
Lauren: Did you invite Amelia?
Scarlett: Oh, no, I forgot.
Lauren: Oh well.
Sarah: Oh, but Amelia's lovely!
by samsamspam April 10, 2011
An outgoing, brown haired women with brown eyes that can change color from her mood. She has a beautiful tan that she doesnt even try to get.
Deff. want to be her friend. Her fun personality and amzing coffidence will make you want to never leave her. She is the life of the party! At dark times that you may have, she always has something up her sleeve to make you smile. Weather its just a simple word, and inside joke, or simply walking into the room with a smile. She's very independent when it comes to help.
However if u get on her bad side, you'll wish you have never said anything. When she feels threatened or jealous she WILL let you know by telling you off in front of everyone. Dont be fooled by this sweet loving bright face. She deals with a lot at home, and if you get on her nervers last nerves, she can throw a hard punch. Shes suprisingly strong for a skinny girl like herself. thats why so many people love her. she is not afraid to be herself and do crazy things and protect herself if needed. Usually she tries to advoid stuff like that.
Shes extremely Smart but at the same time she can have her blonde moments. As well, she is very sporty. She's on the varsity cheer team, plays soccer, and is a GREAT dancer! She does not execpt failure in sports. She gives her full hardest tries. If she's hurt, she wont cry because she not a woos... She knows the difference between physical and emotional hurt. If someone Emotionaly hurts her, she hides it very well in public
Guy: Whoa!! Who's that?
Girl: Thats Amelia
Guy: She's kinda hotttt
Girl: Thats my friend doofess..
Guy: Can i have her #?
Girl: *rolls eyes and walks away*
Guy: Taking that as a no...
by 13craun December 12, 2011
Usually A girl with brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. An incredibly smart, bubbly, sometimes hyper girl who loves to be around people. She loves to make you laugh and you will probably laugh hard when she does say something. She's not shy except around guys that she likes. She wants them to make the first move. Although, at times, she can be a HUGE flirt. She loves to have fun. She is very independent and loves to lead. But deep down, she is very insecure. She gives amazing advice, but when she needs help, she won't ask because she is afraid she will annoy you. All in All, she is an amazing girl, just don't get on her bad side.
Attention whore : Who's that?

Girl: That's Amelia

Attention Whore: She needs to back off. With her looks and attitude, there might be competition with me!
by asdfghjkltaco December 23, 2012
Amelia is an amazing girl with beautiful brown eyes and brown hair who is funny and a person everyone wants to be friends with. Amelia is latin for admiring. Overall Amelia's ae great people.
Guy 1"Wow that girls amazing!"
Guy 2 "Yeah, her names Amelia."
by ninjapig7 May 01, 2011
Amelia is a beautiful girl who loves swimming and has the voice of an angle. Just by giving a smile melts your heart. She is extremely ticklish and is a great reader who also has dark hair. She is shy and doesn't talk much and only has 3 extremely close besties.
Guy 1: Whoa who is that chick that just got out of the pool?
Guy 2: That's Amelia. You'll never get her.
Guy 1: I should have known.
by Dinosaur Rawr November 11, 2011
The perfect oxymoron; she's blond with those big blue eyes that will melt your heart, but don't be deceived. She is extremely intelligent and witty. Don't attempt to out wit her or play her at her own games; she will win. She is loud, funny and undoubtedly gorgeous, her bubbly personality, oodles of charm and bags of charisma will never fail to win you heart. Be careful, though, she can be very fickle and breaks a lot of hearts in the process.

With those long legs and sumptuous curves, she has men falling after her. She is very loyal and kind and loving, and she will be your best friend. However she can be very insecure and is unaware of her attributes, so be careful what you say to her; she can be very sensitive. She is very hopeful and will always forgive, if you are true.

Beware, she holds a very good grudge.
Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Little Girl: I want to be like Amelia.

Hot guy: Phew! Who's that little minx?!
Friend: Oh, that's Amelia.. But don't underestimate her, dude.. She's fierce.

Hot guy: Just look at those curves...
Friend: Oh boy, you've fallen hard. Don't worry. We've all been there.
by Leela R February 12, 2012
The girl the world could never be without. She's a bundle of energy that puts smiles on everyone who lays eyes on her golden brown hair. Emotional, passionate, and classy, she's the girl everyone wants to be friends with. And when she sings with her angelic voice--a product from watching hours of musicals, not even an ice age can keep your heart from melting. She's the perfect girl.
"La la la bum bum ba la la la"

A--"Whoa, whose singing?"
B--"Duh, thats Greta Salpeter"
C--"Idiot thats Amelia"
B--"Oh, Yeah!"
by T-Funk746 June 14, 2011