(Noun) A female who is of average height, but seems to be taller because of the large and charismatic attitude with which she goes through life. Capable of being both beautiful and adorable, extremely intelligent and extremely blonde, never values herself accurately, and has the most beautiful sky blue eyes known to mankind. Can usually be found near any large collection of music, and is a fantastic swimmer, is surprisingly strong, and generally extremely ticklish.
Clueless guy/girl: Who was that gorgeous little minx that walked by?

Knowledgeable Friend: That's Amelia, and forget about it, she engaged to Tom. And she would still be out of you league if she wasn't.

Clueless guy/girl: Oh, right. I should have known right away, her looking so awesome and whatnot.
by yrelooF_moT May 07, 2010
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Bright, whole person who is satisfied with themselves. Perfect face and unrivaled smile. She is perfect and faultless in every way and never ceases to amaze. Great taste in music and great piano skills. Listening to her play the piano can calm any soul or bring a grown man to tears. Her heart can warm an ice cap and her character is strong enough to hold up a bridge. She is an unrivaled beauty and deserves the best of everything
Amelia: hey
Me: (melts)
by alphanama November 29, 2014
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Ah Amelia... She's like marmite really, you either love her or hate her. If you love her she'll be the bestest and most loyal friend you will ever have, however, if you hate her, she'll be your worse enemy. Whether it's her intense, sky blue eyes or her never-ending line of confidence that intrigues you, she is not one to fool. Known for her bubblyness and crazy personality she'll always put a smile back on your face when your at your darkest day. This girl is a charmer, she can rap any man's heart around her finger just with a flash of her cheeky grin. If you come across an Amelia, don't let her go, she will be your best friend, your passionate lover for if you get on the wrong end of this beautiful goddess-like creature then you will never here the end of it. She is one to watch.
Person 1: Woah, who's that girl?
Person 2: That's Amelia, you'll never see another girl like that again,shame.
Person 1: Well what can i do now?
Person 2: The only thing you can do, run and catch her you son-of-a-bitch!
by -J'aime tu- April 17, 2011
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A awesome, crazy,loving, caring, amazing, bitchy, LOUD, smart girl. When Amelia walks into the room its like heavens lights light up on her, especially when she smiles. She is an amazing friend and gives the best advice when u need some.
Amelia is WILD in the bed and an sick as kisser..
she will rock Ur world any day. This brunet babe is not a girl u want to let go!
Boy 1- Whos that chick that everyone's talking bout?

Boy 2- Dude, that's Amelia, you'"ll never get a chance with her..

Boy 1- Yeah, ur probably right.. but whoever has her is the luckiest cunt ever!!
by jason112121212 July 29, 2011
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A Petit girl with brown hair who can get jealous easily and emotional quickly. Bright and hard working but also fun and a great laugh to be around. Has a shy but strong personality and is very reliable. Not someone who would joke about serious things and some one who gives amazing advice .
That Amelia is really trustworthy, and she gives amazing advices.

Yes. She really helped my with a personal problem.
by Jake Mango October 20, 2010
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The perfect oxymoron; she's blond with those big blue eyes that will melt your heart, but don't be deceived. She is extremely intelligent and witty. Don't attempt to out wit her or play her at her own games; she will win. She is loud, funny and undoubtedly gorgeous, her bubbly personality, oodles of charm and bags of charisma will never fail to win you heart. Be careful, though, she can be very fickle and breaks a lot of hearts in the process.

With those long legs and sumptuous curves, she has men falling after her. She is very loyal and kind and loving, and she will be your best friend. However she can be very insecure and is unaware of her attributes, so be careful what you say to her; she can be very sensitive. She is very hopeful and will always forgive, if you are true.

Beware, she holds a very good grudge.
Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Little Girl: I want to be like Amelia.

Hot guy: Phew! Who's that little minx?!
Friend: Oh, that's Amelia.. But don't underestimate her, dude.. She's fierce.

Hot guy: Just look at those curves...
Friend: Oh boy, you've fallen hard. Don't worry. We've all been there.
by Leela R February 12, 2012
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The name given to woman so commanding of your attention, even the syllables seem to trace the delicious curves of her body. Eyes that say, 'You. No, not you, you! Ohforfucksake, in the white shirt. Yes, you. Now get over here before I change my mind'. Lips so intoxicating and sumptuous to kiss, it's like you're tasting Rohypnol lip balm for the first time.

A personality so bright it eclipses every care and subverts any reason to leave her company. Her intoxicating nature is literal: a capacity for all things alcoholic will render the average man speechless, had she not already reduced him to such a state with a simple 'Hello'.

This boundless energy combined with a figure that makes you want to be her shower sponge, would be enough to stop your day at Amelia o'clock, but it doesn't end there. Beyond every unending quality she exudes lies a complexity equally alluring. For example, despite a diary that would put any Head of State to shame, plans are made to be embellished, changed, or fucked off completely. She raises a judgemental eyebrow to the mundane, and grabs the fuckmullet of spontaneity as if it's a play-thing on a cigarette break. Nothing rests while Amelia plays.

In short, the name Amelia is reserved for a woman that will make a NATO airstrike of your emotions, and thank your lucky chromosomes you're a man. End of.
by LeTwonk July 27, 2011
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