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Amelia is the greatest girl you'll ever meet. She's smart, caring, determined, funny, generous, and stunningly beautiful. One of the innumerable great qualities of Amelia is her light taking of herself. She doesn't think that she is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and doesn't act in any narcissistic or self centered manner. She's down-to-earth, and quite eager to do absolutely anything fun or creative. She has awe-striking
Blue eyes, and cute hair that flows to her well-worked shoulders. Her hair color fluctuates with the seasons; blonde in hot summer months, and a warm, chocolately brown in the colder, winter months. She's short and stocky, having obtained massive amounts of muscle due to her overt obsession with swimming on a daily basis. She's quite the swimmer, making national meets and swimming for elite clubs And varsity high school teams. Amelia is a world
class baker, making special cakes and pastries at will, weaving art into her masterful creations. Her baked goods taste great too! She's also an amazing friend, putting in copious
amounts of effort into things to please these people. She's a good hugger (and kisser)! She's the bomb.com, my best friend, and the most important person in my life.
The Queen of England: Oi, peasant, who goesth there, in the jean cutoffs and cute neon shirt? She's quite tan, and has a quite a derrière, if I do say so myself!

Tom: Ah, your majesty, that there is Amelia, an American, who swims through life as easily as she does the waters. She is an academic prodigy, but is amazing at everything she puts effort into. She's a real hero, milord, but acts with quaint modesty.

The Queen: Thank you, peasant. Off you go.

Jack: why are you talking about my girlfriend?
by Jack-worksatmarshalls July 02, 2014
A semi-lover of Marmite, and a stealer of ho's and hoochies. Thinks she's a pimp, but really she just rules over all the Caniwi's.
Heyyy, I saw you steal that girl and that marmite, didn't know you were an Amelia!
by acceber77 September 17, 2013
A girl likes to have fun, loves horses, puts everything in to the stuff she cares about (not so much into the things she doesn't..), can sometimes be a little much to handle but that's ok!
Random person: Who threw that shoe?!

Random person 2: Amelia. Haha, look what she's up to now.
by *&* August 16, 2010
a lovely girl, blonde wavy hair and big brown eyes, full red lips and a really nice olive shade of skin.
her humour can be quite offensive to others but shes a great friend and is very attractive and popular
shes realiable and loves talking
Amelia is a great person to talk to and will always be there for you no matter what
guy1 who is the hottie?
guy2 thats amelia and she would not be interested in you shes fussy

bestfriend i need your help, im crying and i dont know what to do
amelia dont worry babe, il be over in about a min il just grab my bag
by dannyboi1234567890 January 19, 2011
a very pretty girl, with dark red hair, with big pupils, who isn't afraid to be herself, she likes things that are out of the ordinary, and i wish she was my bestfriend <3
by how you doin' December 27, 2010
A loud, tall, funny girl with crazy hair. Has a unique style. Listens to cheesy 70's music and loves the muppets. Loves Lady Gaga and all things British. A little bit insane, but in a good way.
Person A: Yesterday, Amelia showed me this amazingly dumb song called "timothy" by the Boueys.
Person B: You mean the one with the guy that gets eaten?
Person A: Yeah. Its such a good song.
Person B: well, duh. thats cuz amelia showed it to you.
by misspiggy nightmare September 13, 2010
a girl who tries way to hard to be dumb. Guys usually find them annoying, but probably easy to trick into having casual sex. Attention seeker.
Girl: "I like tulips"
Amelia: "what are they? they're flowers right?"
Everyone else: " fucking mong"
by Fedge November 18, 2011