Ah Amelia... She's like marmite really, you either love her or hate her. If you love her she'll be the bestest and most loyal friend you will ever have, however, if you hate her, she'll be your worse enemy. Whether it's her intense, sky blue eyes or her never-ending line of confidence that intrigues you, she is not one to fool. Known for her bubblyness and crazy personality she'll always put a smile back on your face when your at your darkest day. This girl is a charmer, she can rap any man's heart around her finger just with a flash of her cheeky grin. If you come across an Amelia, don't let her go, she will be your best friend, your passionate lover for if you get on the wrong end of this beautiful goddess-like creature then you will never here the end of it. She is one to watch.
Person 1: Woah, who's that girl?
Person 2: That's Amelia, you'll never see another girl like that again,shame.
Person 1: Well what can i do now?
Person 2: The only thing you can do, run and catch her you son-of-a-bitch!
by -J'aime tu- April 17, 2011
not ever to be confused with the sassy Emilia or Amilia
A rather short, lovable, brunette girl. Straight hair and outstanding eyebrows. She'll be the happiest friendliest person you will ever find. Even though she's completely dying inside, she'll never tell. She cares for others before herself.

She doesn't flirt but somehow attracts guys like a magnet! Damn! I mean like everyone. Guys, you have to be forward and make the moves with her! Like fucking tell her all your feelings.
Matt: Look at Amelia. I wanna fuck her so bad.

Andrew: I called dibs. She's mine. Does she even know how many guys want to nail her!!??
Matt: Probably not!
by LJadams January 01, 2015
An outgoing, brown haired women with brown eyes that can change color from her mood. She has a beautiful tan that she doesnt even try to get.
Deff. want to be her friend. Her fun personality and amzing coffidence will make you want to never leave her. She is the life of the party! At dark times that you may have, she always has something up her sleeve to make you smile. Weather its just a simple word, and inside joke, or simply walking into the room with a smile. She's very independent when it comes to help.
However if u get on her bad side, you'll wish you have never said anything. When she feels threatened or jealous she WILL let you know by telling you off in front of everyone. Dont be fooled by this sweet loving bright face. She deals with a lot at home, and if you get on her nervers last nerves, she can throw a hard punch. Shes suprisingly strong for a skinny girl like herself. thats why so many people love her. she is not afraid to be herself and do crazy things and protect herself if needed. Usually she tries to advoid stuff like that.
Shes extremely Smart but at the same time she can have her blonde moments. As well, she is very sporty. She's on the varsity cheer team, plays soccer, and is a GREAT dancer! She does not execpt failure in sports. She gives her full hardest tries. If she's hurt, she wont cry because she not a woos... She knows the difference between physical and emotional hurt. If someone Emotionaly hurts her, she hides it very well in public
Guy: Whoa!! Who's that?
Girl: Thats Amelia
Guy: She's kinda hotttt
Girl: Thats my friend doofess..
Guy: Can i have her #?
Girl: *rolls eyes and walks away*
Guy: Taking that as a no...
by 13craun December 12, 2011
Amelia is a beautiful wise girl who may not be successful as a kid but will blossom as an adult. Amelia will do something risking or threatening her life, she will do something only she would do.
Friend: Hey do you think you can climb that bridge
Amelia: I bet you I can

Friend: Do you think you can get me hooked up with that guy
Amelia: Like I couldn't
by AmeAndFame April 04, 2015
A fucking hot chick

Boy 2:Yeah, the fucking hot one. Full of sass too
Boy:Ohhh her!!
by Snakesnakesnake September 12, 2014
Amelia is a classic girl with a warm heart, she wants to be friends with everyone but is often forgotten when it comes to party invites and social events. She likes vintage clothing and doesn't really like to stand out in a crowd. Amelia has a soft, gentle voice and a kind nature - wishes no harm on anyone and will be joyful throughout life.
Lauren: Did you invite Amelia?
Scarlett: Oh, no, I forgot.
Lauren: Oh well.
Sarah: Oh, but Amelia's lovely!
by samsamspam April 10, 2011
A woman with so much elegance and grace that when she walks into a room, everybody stares. She lights up every conversations she is in and has class and personality that it is impossible to be around without being jealous. Sure she may be little chubby but hey, every size is beautiful. Once this woman sights something she wants, so clamps on, and she wont stop until she has what she wants. With so much class and beauty comes a attitude that some people may find off putting, but others may find a turn on. This woman could not get any better.
"Wow, an Amelia must just have walked in, it suddenly just got brighter in here!"
by Leeriejah January 04, 2015

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