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n. telephone. (very old slang. From the name of actor Don Ameche, who starred in the film The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, 1939.)
Won't somebody please answer the Ameche?
by chloewe July 26, 2007
pronounced like "Amee-chee"

Early American slang meaning telephone.

"...the telephone was commonly called the "Ameche", a slang term referring to actor Don Ameche who played the telephone's inventor. This association is explained in the film "Ball of Fire" , showing the term was still in use two years after the release of the original film."

- From The Internet Movie Database
Stop beatin' your gums on dat ameche n fix me sum eggs!
by docmojoman June 22, 2011
a telephone (dated, from actor Don Ameche, who starred in an early film about Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telphone)
The Ameche rang off the hook.
by The Return of Light Joker May 01, 2011