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The most beautiful woman in the world. She tends to care for everyone and everything. The nicest creature in this world that wouldn't hurt a fly. However, she's the best at seducing and never ceases to let your attention go.
Amanda is so beautiful today-- fuuuuuuudge! Just got a boner.
by Mr. A-Boersen October 06, 2010
760 469
Typically the name for a very good looking person. Generally athletic, well kept, and very very friendly. Always a nice, beautiful person who you can talk to whenever in need. Aswell as having an extremely nice body, they tend to have the best personality around.
Yo, you see Amanda?

Yeah, she's so nice.
by NJKilla1993 August 02, 2010
733 454
amazingly amazing so much fun to be around crazy but lovable the shorter the better amzingly big boobs and butt and gives the best compliments! she is smart in her own way which makes her even more loveable!!! you cant help but wanna be one or know one
amandas face is gorgeously sexy!
by Ciera J August 30, 2008
945 727
(name) A girl who is beautiful in every single way, she has nice eyes, a kind heart, and a clean soul. Studies show that 90% of girls name Amanda are literally related to God.
If you don't have an Amanda, then you ought to get one, and put it on your highest shelf.
by lolzhimers March 13, 2012
258 102
A unique individual. No two are the same.
My name is Amanda and I like to read.
My name is Amanda and I like to PARTY!
by AmandaCartier May 13, 2007
871 742
An individual who often encounters issues with her relationships, often having to do with her close friends :(. She is remarkably intelligent and is a loyal friend. She has a fetish for cats, typically orange colored ones and enjoys playing sports. She also cannot live without her cellphone and is constantly texting others. She hates being alone and loves being surrounded by people and loves being the center of attention. However, one flaw with amandas are that they often tend to eat at an incredibly slow pace. This tends to irritate the people she dines with because it takes her forever to eat something, no matter what size. Amandas also have innocent facial expressions. However dont be fooled by this because they often tend to be false.
Dina: dudddeeeee shes been eating that apple for like an HOUR!
Julie: No shit shes an AMANDA havent you read the dictionary on urban dictionary?

Teaher: And the person with the highest average in my calculus class is Amanda.
Renaldo: ughhhhh. typical, shes an Amanda.

by Uberdork123 July 12, 2008
638 575
A girl who is very unsure about who she really is. Amanda's are often unsure if what they do is for other people or purely for personal gain.

Amanda's need to experience things before they beleive them, and because of this, no matter how many times they are warned off something they wont listen and will do it anyway.
They have very strong emotions.
They often find decision making very difficult, and this means that they don't make very good pilots.
They are very loyal to people who give them the respect that all people deserve and don't often get.
I'm having a really hard time making up my mind, I'm feeling really Amanda.

Are you having and Amanda day? You don't seem to know what you're doing...
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