A stupid fat whore with muppet lips. She doesn't like to tell the truth and refuses to finish with her mouth. She is a backstabbing friend and she will fuck your day up just by hearing her squeaky voice. She is obsessed with other peoples lives and likes causing drama where it's not needed. She will constantly bitch about working and she will blow her money on stupid tattoos. Amanda's will usually worship Honey Boo Boo, because Amanda's have pig hearts, and bellies. Do not mess with Amanda's they will sit on you and crush your dick.
GEEZ, have you seen Amanda today?

Yes, she looks rather fat and sassy.
by playswithhunchbacks November 03, 2012
A girl who is always worried about her health and well being; constantly assumes she is sick and never stops talking about it.
Sandy: Oh God I never get sleep anymore!

Amanda: Oh ya well I have to take pill just to sleep for a couple of hours and I might have restless leg syndrome.

Sandy: Just shut up would you no one cares.

"everybody nods"
by Mattg7344 July 14, 2012
Amanda; Very complicated and hard to understand :)
but very sweet and loveable.
Wats wrong amanda?

ohh nothign with tears in her eyeys.
by shakabenashada February 18, 2010
An Amanda is a good girl gone bad who loves to laugh and cares deeply for those who need help the most.
Hey look its Amanda, she really knows how to smoke a bleezy!
by gerardos February 02, 2010
1. An animal with huge ears that flies south for the winter. However, some amandas (called "lesser amandas") are born with ears that are just slightly too small to take flight; because of this, they develop a deep rage and become vile, loathsome creatures who love nothing more than to ruin the lives of others and harass you by calling you incessantly with a restricted number only to hang up as soon as you answer, not realizing you know who it is. Lesser amandas frequently nest in their cars and live in filth, and derive their entire education from teen magazines.

2. I female given name of Latin origin meaning "fit to be loved" or "worthy of love."
"I don't think that amanda's ears are quite big enough to fly, it's awful nasty!"
by Jesus Sayeth November 18, 2012
The kind of girl that likes the <==3 in the ( l )
I met this girl and she got all Amanda on me.
by E_Hoch September 06, 2011
A lesbian who fucks black guys. Also known for contradicting everyone and anyone.
Bobbie: are you sick?
Amanda: no, my side is just in a lot of pain.

Ron: when are you gonna give me sum?
Amanda: I don't know how to perform. All I know is how to rip apart a pussy.
by oatsmobile January 23, 2009

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