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an incredibly intelligent and loyal female, irresistibly enticing to many males, having glamourous eyes and a great smile. an origin of jealousy for many females.

also, a type of hibiscus. (see georgia o'keefe's artwork)
"my girlfriend keeps nagging me to stop gawking at althea, but i just can't keep my eyes off her face!"

"wow! my althea smells great today!"
by ophelia420 September 16, 2009
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to talk in a geeky voice in public and not give a crap who's listening
"That girl at the mall was totally pulling an Althea."
"Yeah...what a nerd!"
by rachel & becca July 24, 2006
A partically large heaping plate of slut sandwich ( and by the way, shes the ham in this sanwich.)
God Shes such an Althea! Althea wont leave my boyfriend aLONE!
by LadyBunny July 18, 2009

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