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Aloys as in to do an Aloys: #1 to turn up to someones party unannounced, get drunk and leave in the morning still unaware who the host is and what the party is in aid of.

#2 to headbutt someone in the face out of sheer annoyance at their actions.
Aloys: "who are you?"

"im Curtis and this is MY party"

Aloys: "what no, wait, what? i coulda swear you said summit no wait" *barf* "hi im aloys" *barf* "nice to meet you"

"ok then..."
by Aloys187 April 23, 2010
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Short-hand for "Anyone looking over your shoulder?" in instant messaging speak.
ALOYS? OMG, I have great G. (G is short-hand for gossip)
by officeIMspeak October 01, 2009

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