a girl who everyone loves to hangout wit and party. she cares more about her friends then they know. you can always rely on her to be at your side when u need someone she is one of those people who will bring u soup when your sick. an ally only comes around once so if u find one dont loose her.
damn ally is amazing and my ride or die.
by the caption December 05, 2012
An awesome person!! Duh!


An awesome person who loves cows and mustaches.
"OMG! Did you see that Ally? I mean she's so cool!"
by Superluigilink February 21, 2012
A girl who is beautiful, of average weight for her height which happens to be 4 9", yet she thinks shes fat. Ally's are super good in bed and know how to have a good time. Ally's usually have a 4.0 GPA you want a friend like Ally better yet make her your girlfriend.
Guy 1: damn look at that chick how is she so smart

Guy 2: That's Ally

Guy 1: that explains it
by TheREALzeffy November 23, 2011
A quiet indie or emo girl that loves books. She is kind to everyone that's kind to her but if you're mean she will totally ignore you. She is very literal and if something is wrong she will make sure it is fixed. She loves animals and cared passionately about the environment. She has really pretty hair and would be great at making a YouTube channel.
Person 1: have you seen Ally today?
Person 2: No, I think she is reading
Person 1: did you hear that she started her own channel on YouTube?
Person2: yeah I love her video about her day in London
by Septima March 08, 2015
A very independent girl who asks nothing out of anyone. She's very cautious when it comes to meeting new people and doesn't allow anyone in. She's a risk-taker and loves adventure, but sometimes just chilling with a couple good friends smoking a joint is better than going out and partying for the night. She's funny, very loyal, and a little slow but that's why everyone loves her. She's more of one of the guys
You're not Ally enough to chill with me
by 143jks November 25, 2012
Usually has brown eyes and brown hair. She is probably sporty and really pretty but just doesn't realize it.
See that pretty girl over there playing basketball? That's Ally.
by UrbanLegendDictionary May 15, 2016
The most beautiful and amazing person you will ever meet. She has rare blue eyes and an award winning personality. A person named Ally is smart, funny, loyal, caring, and generous. She never gets mad at people and is always smiling. If you know someone named Ally you should consider making her your girlfriend because people like this only come once in a lifetime. Ally is always giving and never asking for things in return. She may have a pale complexion but she will get very tan in the summer. Ally is the most beautiful girl you would ever meet. If you know one, cherish her for she is one of a kind.
Ally is perfect in every single way.
by volleyballviolist109 April 07, 2015
Ally is a woman that will steal your heart. She likes rough, hair pulling dirty nights in the sheets. Yet classy and dignified in public. She is someone with dark auburn hair and honey brown eyes. She's got a sharp mouth and dangerous curves. Once you've had a taste you will never be able to think about anything else.
I have to have Ally.
by MrCoven3 January 23, 2015
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