Young girl that loves to learn. She has brown hair and hazel eyes and freckles under her eyes. She is smart, kind, and a bit sensitive. She will do anything for the happiness of her loved ones. She is usually quiet and only talks much around loved ones and friends. She is a nerd, but she doesn't care.
Ally is beautiful on the inside and out.
by @burgess August 11, 2015
What the USA calls countries it has previously defeated in wars.
"Well, looks like since they caught Saddam, Iraq's gonna join our list of allies: England, France, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Texas, etc."
by danw December 22, 2003
An awesome girl who loves to party and is really good-looking. Usually with red hair and hazel eyes, Ally's love to party and are athletic. They usually focus on one sport that they are great at. Ally's are usually stubborn and complain a lot, but they are sweet and funny once you get to know her.
Man, that Ally girl is so cool.
by Ilybae2k13alldaylong December 31, 2014
An awesomely unique girl. Girls named Ally are usually independent, outgoing, witty, sexy, and funny. Full of eneregy and very talkative they like to party and chill with friends. Can sometimes be a tease or may play cruel pranks on people for there own amusement.
Lamer- Sup? You want to chill?
Ally- You seem kinda lame but theres something very real about you that few others have. Lone star?
Lamer-Can't put a label on me pussycat im just me, not givin a f'ck about peoples negativity.
Ally- You're kinda weird but so are all my friends so you have a car?
Lone Star- Yup

Ally- Too bad im about to pass out now.

Lone Star- Huh? biotch!
by nymphetamine_b June 13, 2011
A girl who likes to eat food and live like a human. Also, she is cool and can crack her wrist loudly.
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dayum son, did you hear that wrist. shes an ALLY!
by mynameislogoa May 17, 2010
a SUPER PRETTY, funny, crazy, and athletic girl. Usually blonde with really blue eyes and is very skinny. She likes to make everyone happy and is really fun to be around. Everyone loves her, even if they don't want to admit it.
Ally is the most amazing friend.

I know, I want to be her best friend
by YEET23 March 13, 2015
Ally is normally a very pretty girl. She has long brown/auburn hair, Small feet, kind of short, hazel green eyes, and a bad attitude. They are normally skinny and have a perfect body. They are great advice givers. They are usually scared of horses or any large animals. They are hilarious and have a great sense of humor. Their biggest fear is being embarrassed. They hate it. They are very clean. They love monkeys and Kittens. They don't smile very often. They are stubborn and Hate trash talkers. They don't usually like their brother's girlfriend if he has one. She has a lot of confidence in herself and thinks she's perfect. She has big lips and no ass. They usually Like tattoos and belly button piercings. They are tomboys and love to hunt. They are very classy.
Ex.1. Guy: Ally is kind of stubborn but she's so pretty. I can probably deal with it.
Guy 2: Did you see her yell At Kaitlin earlier? She has a lot of attitude and it's so hot.
by Brittany Lyons February 19, 2015

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