Ally is the girl who knows how to party like a rockstar. A name for a person who is accurately considered to be completely awesome, but very stubborn. The perfect definition of an adorable being.
That girl, yeah man she is an Ally.
by kidcrazy324579 October 27, 2010
to pop a cap in someones ass
yo fool, ima ally yo ass if you dont gimmie my money
by eric ro June 08, 2005
a person who is awesome. she is perfect, friendly, and even more awesome. she is the best.
ally is cool
by allykitkat99 April 12, 2011
probibly the most beautiful girl in the world who knows how to party like a rock star AND be a good stay at home girlfriend all the same. She is perfect in every way and any mistakes she makes she will apologize for and move on which is very admirable. she has big soft lips that make men weak and beautiful big brown eyes that mezmorize them all the same. she is always smiling and is very fun to be around cuz you can never stay mad! she is also very good at being innocent but she is the prime example of a "lady on the streets and a freak in the bed". ;) she is the most trustworthy, realist, smartest, kind, gentle, friendly, AND goofy girl you will ever come across- so if you ever sweep her off her feet... give her a pillow to sit on cuz you will never want her to leave :)
Oh Ally? yeah she is pretty perfect. You'd be stupid not to love such an amazing person!
by OliverRite August 18, 2011
the most awesome, beautiful,and amazing girl in the world...always there and fun to talk to and be around and is also lovable and not fat!
i know stephen misses ally
by stephenlovesally November 25, 2011
A girl everyone (boys and girls) wants to date, because of her fun loving personality and remarkable charisma. Alas, most people are too shy to tell her, partly for fear of rejection, and she'll never know.
Person 1-I love Ally, but she'll never know.

Person 2-Damn, girl, just tell her!
by Gwynneth June 05, 2011
a gap between 2 buildings, sometimes not safe to go in to. Also the name of a girl, sexy by nature and indescribably fun. She shall make an amazing prom date.
Don't go down that Ally, you may get mugged.

Don't go down on Ally, you may get hugged.
by Jakilo February 02, 2010

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