Like the kind Britain had with Japan before America came and messed it up. The friendship between two morons (george and tony) that is in play today. Alliance is a term used for countries trying to gain something off each other untill they dont need them anymore.
America-'Hey Britain, ally with us instead of Japan'
Britain-'yeah, thats a great idea......oh man, were being attacked by Germany'
Amreica-'soz mate were not getting involved in this one, hope you win....'
Britain-'atleast help with funding'
America-'ok here you go, and lets set this really high intrest on it, so basically were fucking you over'
by Rouge_Assasin October 21, 2004
A faction on a extremely popular online game called World of Warcraft.

This faction will rape the Horde any day. (everyone knows this)
They also look better then the deformed Horde.
My Alliance character killed your Horde character because it is simply better.
by jimmy09090909 June 15, 2009
A group of friends who stick together till the end. They are the same as a gang or crew. It can be called other things too beside gang or crew. An alliance of people is often all guys sometimes with a few of their girlfriends. They can be formed at any time by anyone of any age. The members of the alliance help help each other out. They are loyal and trusting to each other. They have rival gangs that they fight with. They use nicknames like the one my homies gave me "Mento" or use a couple letters from their names like "TJ" and "CJ". These groups usually have colors that they use for their gang. They also have symbols, and gang names like "The No Respect Crew", or "The Rebel Alliance." Alliances, gangs, and crews usually make people who want to be new members pledge to get in. They have gang bibles that talk about the gang members, poicies of the gang, and the brotherhood.Over all it isn't always a bad thing to be in a gang. It isn't always all about crime and sin. It is about friendship and loyalty.
The "Rebel Alliance" is an alliance in Central PA that is a bunch of teenagers who hang out, help each other out, and sometimes commit crime.
by Mento April 06, 2006
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