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A person who is able to speak both English and German, and even Filipino on occasion, and frequently participates in homo erotic acts. These people also partake in being huge douches.
Hey, Allendale! Drop that Lucky Lager, and come toss my salad!
by OQ22 February 16, 2009
Allendale a small NJ suburb that no one will be able to afford living in in 5 years, because they want to be like 90120.
Every other house has a for sale sign on it
P1"I'm rebuilding my house in Allendale ."
P2 "Really ,me too, i'm leveling mine down to the foundation , and building a McMansion ."
P1 "i thought you allready have a McMansion?"
P2 "i know , but ,it's too small. My accountant says i can use it as a tax write off"
P1 "really ?What's his phone number "
by Lou Cypher July 16, 2006
Fucking small ass town in NJ where newfags come to live.

Anybody who lives there is either an egomaniac, a newfag, or an upright sane person.

Actually it's a really horrible town.
1. Yo i'm from allendale G, i'm a fuckin wannabe gansta

2. Hey guys I just moved here so I can fit in, right?

3. I dress like a middle class white boy should.
by JRocco March 14, 2011
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