One of the most awesome guys you will ever meet. Allans' are rare finds so make sure you hold on to yours. They are fun guys to be around, they excel on the pool table and have some skills gaming. They are sweet and affectionate and know just how to respect a lady. Allans' are very individual each with their own personal traits. They are loyal to their friends and are the source of hilarious childish humour. They are all rounders and are extremely important to the people around them. Amazing is the only word to describe them.
"What's your boyfriend's name?"
"Good score babe!"
by Orstrix October 17, 2011
A dependable friend and someone who'll always be there for someone they care about. The life of the party and hilarious. A little too perverted at times but its funny so it all works out. Always knows how to cheer someone up. A hard worker with a little too much on their plate but they try their best. Sometimes a joey needs a good friend to remind them its all worth it.
I was having a bad night until i got online and talked to him. he's such a Allan
by Matzua November 05, 2013
A very sophisticated person who dresses in suits. An educator. A person who is generous--especially when it comes to one's grade point average. A person who loves to travel and enjoys diversity and culture--particularly the Jewish culture.
Awesome, my GPA just got allaned!!
by ENG315 November 29, 2014
Someone who hates syed
He had an allan kinda personality
by BigBoyBrandon March 27, 2015
my name is allan and i am assuming u know me
allan u are so allan right now
by nice <3 February 01, 2015
Usually a charmer, but one of a dangerous nature. Attractiveness is subjective, as it usually is. Tends to be quite intelligent, however that does not disclose anything about their mental capacities nor their ability to judge social situations.
The name Allan is now more popular amongst the older generation, thus most Allans would be approaching mid-life, if not already beyond.
Person 1: "So, who was that person flirting with someone half their age?"
Person 2: "Oh, it must have been Allan."
by XrayCrystallography August 23, 2011
That boys name is DANGER. If looks could murk the wives of Allan would be eliminated. He should have caution tape around him. Watch out his intelligence will leave a genius dazed and confused.
Allan “play dumb, but sneak attack smart”
Einstein “what?”
by aphrodita October 06, 2010

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