A pop punk band that formed in Baltimore in 2003. Although they're accused of being sellouts because on some songs they've sounded more pop than punk, they said that they don't want to be confined to one genre. They've saved many lives of teenagers and like to poke fun at the world. Even though their members are all over 21, they all have the maturity of 14 year old boys. Their music is worth listening to, and they're hilarious. Their fans are "hustlers," from the song The Girl's A Straight Up Hustler. Associated acts are Pierce The Veil, Tonight Alive, and We Are The In Crowd.
Alex Gaskarth- vocals, rhythm guitar
Jack Barakat- guitar
Zack Merrick- bass
Rian Dawson- drums
Lately, they've gotten a lot of new bubblegum pop loving little girl fans from 5SOS's cover of their song Jasey Rae, but all their real fans, new or old, appreciate the members' personalities and music. Alex and Jack host a podcast called Full Frontal every Monday. All Time Low is an inspiration to so many people, and they've saved so many lives, including mine.
If you want to start listening to their songs, I recommend Coffee Shop Soundtrack, Jasey Rae, Break Your Little Heart, A Love Like War, Backseat Serenade, Somewhere In Neverland, and Therapy.
Girl 1: Lmao change my name to Jasey Rae I luv 5sauce!
Girl 2: ...Jasey Rae is an all time low song...?
Girl 3: yeah, but 5sos covered it bc it's such an amazing song!
by baracanyounot March 30, 2014
this happens to be a band that is life. if this band did not exist, we would all die. seriously. look them up, and if you don't know them already then i'm dissapointed in you. They are the four coolest guys you will ever see. Alex Gaskarth, an extremely hot, quirky, hilarious, lusicous little boy. Jack Barakat, a half dinosaur who is probably the best guy in the world. Zack Merrick, an amazing child with ever-changing hair who is quite snazzy. And Rian Dawson, a super BAMF dude who is like hilariously adorable.
Person1: "Oh my god did you see that vid on youtube from all time low? alex is soo hot and funny!"
Person2: "OMG i know he's my future husband!"
Person1: "Hell to the nahh girl he's mine!"
by your pseudonym? November 12, 2009
An amazing pop-punk band. The members are Alex Gaskarth (Vocals and guitar), Jack Barakat (Guitar and backing vocals), Rian Dawson (drums) and Zack Merrick (Backing vocals and guitar). They formed in high school and they got their name from "Head on Collision" by New Found Glory.

They signed their first record deal with Emerald moon in 2004 and released their first EP called 'The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End' but Alex has the only copy of this. Then in 2005 they released their first studio album called 'The Party Scene'. In 2006 they signed with Hopeless records on valentines day and released 'Put Up Or Shut Up'. In 2007 they released 'So Wrong, It's Right' which gained them a lot of popularity and in 2009 they released 'Nothing Personal'.

In 2008 they did their first headlining tour called the 'Manwhores and open sores' tour. Then in 2009 they headlined the Glamour Kills tour, which was recorded for the DVD called Straight To DVD.

In November 2009 they signed to Interscope records and are releasing a new album next year (:

They are a brilliant band and the best band ever (In my opinion), and they DID NOT sell out. (:
All Time Low is the best band ever dude.
by DigMeToChina(: August 22, 2010
THE MOST FUCKING AWESOME BAND EVER! they have four albums that are amazing and if you dont listen to them you are a dumbshit for not listening to good music ;)
Girl: "Hey did u check out All Time Low like i told you?"

Guy: "No i kinda forgot..."

Girl "You dumbshit! I will slap yo ass fool"
by bandfan69 June 24, 2011
The most amazing band. When they perform with Good Charlotte it takes things to the next level. You wont find anything like them and their music kicks ass.
1 person: What kind of music do you like?
2 person: All Time Low

Boy: Besides Good Charlotte, who is you second all time favorite?
Girl: All Time Low
by bleedingmyheartout June 25, 2010
A fucking rad punk-pop band. If you haven't looked them up, I suggest you do that...
Person: Heyyy wassup??
Me: Listening to All Time Low <3
Person: Who the hell is All Time Low?
Me: YOU'RE AN IDIOT. They're amazing. You should be ashamed of yourself...
by Marissa Gaskarth <3 December 28, 2011
one of the BESTEST bands 2 EVER exist, they're made up of Alexander William Gaskarth(lead singer & guitarist),Zachary Steven Merrick (bassist & back up singer),Jack Bassam Barakat (guitarist & back up singer),& Robert Rian Dawnson (he goes by Rian,he is the drummer) !!! they have AMAZING songz,they're AMAZING in concert(i no this from personal experience),& they were signed by Hopeless records in i believe 2006 !!! their 5 albums are Three words to remember when dealing with the end,The Party Scene,Put up or Shut up,So Wrong It's Right,& Nothing Personal(in order from oldest 2 newest) !!! They're an amazing group full of talented,sexy,friendly guyz(:
Lindsey: who is the best band in the world?
Me: All Time Low for sure !!!
Lindsey: Really? I thought it was We The Kings.
*me smacking Lindsey*
Me: You are stupid,never say that again, All Time Low will forever be the BEST !!!

by i love All Time Low November 15, 2009
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