meaning you have reached the lowest point in your life.
He's at an "all time low" really falling off.
by SouthernSlang August 04, 2009
Pop punk quartet consisting of Alex Gaskarth, Rian Dawson, Zack Merrick, and Jack Barakat. They have an awseome and energetic sound and a great live show. If you've never heard of them, I'd say go check 'em out! But be warned, their fans suck nowadays. Everyone is concerned with looks, being a boardie, and who has loved the band longer. So watch your ass 'cause people are vicious! But still, check 'em out. I love this band!
OhhhEmmmGeeeee! It's All Time Low!!
by shakingandwaiting October 27, 2008
A band consisting of alex gaskarth, jack barakat, zack merrick, and rian dawson. Debatabley one of the best pop-punk bands to play, ever. Their music will touch you in places you didn't know you had. One glance into alex's eyes (and hair) or the first time you hear a sweet note come out of that mouth and you'll be hooked. Don't get your hopes up though my friend, home boy's taken. But then there's zack, with the sickest six pack you've ever seen (and probably ever will see) and the crazy hair. Rian "gaybe,maybe!" Dawson, (as quoted in nothing personal)enough said (: who is also very much taken. And last but most definitely not least, jack. The kid that put the whole band together back in '03, a big thank you goes to that guy on behalf of the world. They aren't sell outs, so don't be a douche and say they are. Undeniabely, alex's voice was much better before the editors got to it and did their shitty lay overs, but we can still get a chance to hear perfection at live shows. Basically, the sickest and most hilarious kids you'll ever meet. & no doubt a crazy great band. So don't be fooled by their entising looks and boyish charm, they're so much more than that.
Kid : dude, did you hear all time low's new cd?

Kid 2 : yeah man, they blow.

Kid : eat shit.
by tori wouldyouturnmeon? July 14, 2009
The sickest band around. You should definetly check them out. they're pop-punk.

Alex Gaskarth- Lead Singer
Rian Dawson- drums
Zack Merrick- Bass
Jack Barakat- Guitar & Vocals


in 2004- The Three Words To remember in Dealing With the End
2005- The Party Scene
2006- Put up or Shut up
2007- So Wrong its Right

& 2009 Nothing Personal
me- Dude have you ever heard all time low?!
you- No?
me- Go check them out, there the sickest band out there!
by Beccaaaaaa! July 27, 2009
1. first of all they are still an awesome band they aren't sell outs just becuase you dont like them anymore...and if you are a true fan you will like them no matter what and not call them sell outs in the first place...and sceond of all im like 99.9 % sure they write all of their songs...nothing personal rocked you guys are just insane....and they arent the new fall out boy....they are WAAAY better than fall out boy...not to mention WAAAY hotter.....and whoever doesnt like them...keep it to yourself no one wants a downer at their party or in their life so keep your negative comments in that small tastless brain of yours...and THEY ARENT GAY!!! they like kissed each other's cheeck in one video but come on...and who cares if they are i said before that are HOT...and musically talented

(and i dont see any of you doing what they do so when you become famous and you "sell out" remember that your a hypocrite)

2. oh....and all time low also means that you are at the lowest point in your life
omfgw! i love all time low
i love them more All Time Low has my heart!
All time low is so smexy!
by Pheonix Rain<3 November 26, 2009
possibly the best band ever.
in fact, definitely.
not sell outs, definitely not.
a pop punk band.
because you don't like nothing personal doesn't make them sell outs, it's just because it doesn't fit your taste.
consists of alex gaskarth, jack barakat, zack merrick and rian dawson.
awesome awesome awesome live shows.
they did admittedly used to have more emphasis on the "punk" than "pop" but they're still awesome.
considered gorgeous by many many people including myself
also absolutely hilarious.
people tend to get a bit possessive over who liked them first, and apparently if you only started listening to them after nothing personal you're not a fan. ignore these people. i don't care when people start listening to bands.
i liked them after so wrong it's right but before nothing personal after hearing poppin' champagne.
go check them out, seriously.
and if you don't like them, don't criticize others for it.
all time low for lifeeee.
all time low's albums and EPs:
three words to remember in dealing with the end
the party scene
put up or shut up
so wrong it's right
nothing personal
by lucehlucehluceh April 12, 2010
A Maryland based band formed in 2003. Consists of Zack Merrick, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson and Alex Gaskarth. Pop-punk genre. A new album is set to release "Dirty Work" in May/June 2011, the date is still undetermined as it has been pushed back by new record label Interscope. Currently have 3 albums and 2 EPs.

The unpopular opinion of the band is that they have sold out. This isn't true. The boys will always make the greatest effort they can to meet their fans after a show, and they will apologise whole-heartedly to their fans if they can't. They will always go on stage, even if they're sick. They will treat their fans to pizza when they've been waiting in line since early morning in the freezing cold, hours before they've even arrived at the venue. They aim to make their fans happy at any cost.

The boys mean a lot to a lot of people whether haters like it or not. To their fans, they are like family, brothers, best friends. They are one of the few bands that care for their fans nowadays. Before anyone says that none of their songs have meaning, it's bullshit. We can name at least three songs that have meaning behind them, one of which the band finds hard to perform as it's deeply personal. This band has saved lives for some people and will always have us hustlers supporting and loving them.
“We don't offer any solutions necessarily but we definately offer you a minute to escape." - Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low
by Mollyanne. April 23, 2011

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