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former lead guitarist and back up vocalist for panic (now, again, panic!) at the disco
he left with bassist jon walker when there musical paths were different.
they formed 'the young veins' a 60's inspired beatlesy band.
spencer smith and brendon urie brought back the strongly missed '!'
they chaged into a more alternative-rock sound.
we be happeh nao.
ryan ross and jwalk left patd.
no way.
by alltimeblow-nothingpersonal August 26, 2009
Jack Barakat's (The lead guitarist of All Time Low) clothing line with Glamour Kills.
JA- Jack Barakat
GK- Glamour Kills

He recently released JAGK 2.0
"Oh I haven't seen that JAGK tee yet!" :00
"Yeah! This is the 2.0"
"Waaaaay coool!"
by alltimeblow-nothingpersonal August 26, 2009
take fun in spamming the patd boards
have a confusing message board layout.

my favourite band is fob i just hate the boards.
patd boardies: fobr is spamming again. weew.
by alltimeblow-nothingpersonal August 26, 2009
Used to be way cool back in their Put Up Or Shut Up days.
Now they are trying to sell to the mainstream too much.
I still love them.

And it seems that 49582356 more people I know like them and say they are there biggest fan after Nothing Personal.

Come on guys.
Me: All Time Low is starting to let me down ):
My other friend: I used to love them. Now it's All Time Blow- Personal.
by alltimeblow-nothingpersonal August 26, 2009
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