one of the greatest bands to ever roam the face of this degenerate earth. and probably one of the most hated as well. alkaline trio will always be around and still hauling ass.
poseur chick: hey! what are you listening to?
Alk3 Fan: Alkaline Trio. You've heard?
poseur chick: Ummm...yeah. those are those 3 dudes i saw on MTV wearing makeup. i think the song was called "waste".
alk3 Fan:(infuriated) the song is "Time To Waste". and yeah i guess they were those dudes wearing makeup.
poseur chick: Yeah! they rock!
Alk3 fan: yes they do.....(mumbles under breath)..DUMBASS.
by mattskiba'sgirl June 05, 2005
Top Definition
The best ROCK band in the world.
Damn, Alkaline Trio sure is good.
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
A brilliant punk rock band with dark and often emotional lyrics. Often called 'emo'. Emo is hard to define and predominantly shit (thanks for that one MTV) these days.
Slef titled LP
Maybe I'll Catch fire
From Here To Infirmary
Good Mourning.
by Clavus Torquis March 24, 2004
A band that no-one seems to dislike. They are signed to the Vagrant record label.
Jill: I like Alkaline Trio.
Bill: What label are they on?
Jill: Vagrant records
by RyanM January 03, 2004
What could you say other than "WOW"
Alkaline Trio kicks more ass than a barrel of monkeys
by Spanky Lou June 17, 2003
Cool Band. Pure Poetry . There sorta the dark side of a mix between emo and indie. all agree with each other please as you should be rippin the piss out of folk who listen to music u disagree with. my personal hatred towards hip-hop , metal and dance.
Goth-trended Person : "rarrr death metal rules dude!"
Alk3 Fan : "actually, i rule. i just won 10 quid in the lottery. oh yeh and that shit aint real music. scientific evidence proves it distorts ur brain patterns till u go retarded....."
by anonymous fan August 27, 2003
the best band ANYONE ANYWHERE can listen to! they are so kick ass. alk 3 is the band that will always be out there. they will never fade. i personally think that they will never go away. i bet you in 3045 they will be still rockin! through computers i mean. or w.e
what do you call a band that is so kick ass with great vocals, bass and drums? ALKALIN TRIO!
by ImFatallyYours3 November 02, 2003
One of the best bands ever.
Phara0h' and ultranonce were too busy fisting each other while listening to gayass black metal to appreciate the sheer greatness of Alkaline Trio.
by alkaline trio owns you all February 29, 2004
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