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An extremly kick ass band, though they seem to be changing slightly (as did another good band AFI) with their recent explosion onto the radio and *shudder* MTV.
Alot of people try to lable them as "goth","punk", "emo" or other vatrious things but in my opinion they are simply Alkaline Trio,a band that i can never imagine sucking. Here's a list of the albums that i can think of.
Alkaline Trio
Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music split
From Here to Infirmary
Good Mourning
on a side note, the lyrics aren't all about death, there's drinking and relationships involved too.
I dont care who you've been kissing on these days
It's out of my hands
and in my mouth with such a pleasant taste
I need a beer to wash it all away without a trace
And then i'll drink 23 more
To wipe this stupid smile off my fucking face.
by Wankmasta April 07, 2005
1. To make any given object, task, or idea marked by moderate simplicity unecessarily complex for no apparent reason

3. To complexify

2. To put emphasis on unambiguously superflous details
I molinified the phrase "Show me the money." Now it's a five-page essay being graded on the proper use of the £

I just took a shit. Now I am going to eat it, smell it, listen to it, squish it in my hands, observe it, and look at its chemical composition. Then I think I'll write an essay about the pigments in it. Then I'll expound on it dispite the fact that it is utterly insignificant. Hey! I am going to molinify it!
by Wankmasta April 12, 2005
Said after making someone your bitch because you majorly pwned them, could also be finished with fool if the pwnage was rapeful.
Wankmasta after pwning logan in halo :Dude i just raped you go make mr.t a sammich fool.
logan: *proceeds in making mr.t a sammich*
by wankmasta November 06, 2004
uhmmm...the master of wanking?
wankmaster wanks a wankey wank he does
by Wankmasta October 18, 2004
The universal anything.
you're such a schmank

hey man me and that chick totally schmanked
by Wankmasta October 18, 2004
Contrary to popular belief, this is the true meaning of the symbol £.
3 Geto "F" plus 4 Geto "F" equals 7 Geto "F"
by Wankmasta April 12, 2005
Dave Croteau's even more bad ass and slightly insane alter ego. zero will h4x0r t3h w0r7d.
Zero you're such a dumbass
doo i so already know that
see dave croteau
by wankmasta October 30, 2004

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