The hottest girl you will ever meet she is so damn funny and will always make you laugh. She loves to have a good time and will stop at nothing to party all night long.
"wow, do you see that chick?"
" yeah thats Alison"
"man shes hot!"
#hot #sexy #funny #party animal #crazy
by jskdnendjxixmak drrfkficixjz January 25, 2014
She is the most beautiful girl. She doesn't think so, but she is. Usually has that mild "punk/emo/scene" look going on that she totally rocks. She has the most beautiful eyes that light up an entire room. She is the perfect best friend/ girlfriend material. Alison is perfect.
Girl 1: "wow. Look at Alison! Emo freak!"
Girl 2: "Shut up! Alison is a better person that you could ever be! And she is my best friend!"
#best friend #love #alison #bff #beautiful #gorgeous
by An anonymous guest November 30, 2014
The best sister you could ever ask for.She's amaz.She'll always be there for you through thick and thin ,through sunshine or snowstorm.She is one of the funniest people you will ever meet.She's smart and pretty.Whenever you are sad she'll always be there for you ready to make you smile,feel better,help you dry your tears or give you advice.She is the one person who you can trust for sure.She'll never ever let you down.You can always count on Alison.If you have an Alison by your side you are truly the luckiest person alive cuz a sister like her only comes once in a lifetime.
Alison you're the best! Ily sis!!!!!
#awesome #pretty #smart #thoughtful #funny #caring #sensitive
by ~parisromecaribean~ November 21, 2013
If you have an Alison as a best friend you are lucky. They are the funniest, most athletic, gorgeous person you will ever meet. You will be able to tell them every thing without worrying and them telling anyone. They will have your back no matter what happens between you. Alison's are especially good at sports. They can Basicly do anything that they try. If you have an Allison as your bestfriend your are lucky
Alison stayed all night when I cried
#allison #one #two #three #four
by 20basketball December 18, 2014
Alison is amazing,she may be fake,mad and sensitive but once you open up to her or even hit her with a smile she will open hear heart to you in a heart beat.she makes mistakes but she never gives up .she may be sadbut she always smiles to the world because she values stuff more than people think.her life is crazy,long and very develop. She may seem like a mean girl but she's the most sweetest,loving,and carrying person you will ever mean.your lucky to even have her because she will always make you laugh.
"Alison is just a girl,and amazing one"
#amazing #sweet #hot #loving #real #and a good friend
by cachable17 January 15, 2015
An awesome ginger who was born April 1st. She is so pretty and an amazing, funny girl. Ms. Alison Kachnoskie
Omg look at that girl! she is such an Alison Kachnoskie!
#awesome #funny #ginger #alison #kachnoskie #april
by blackguyyyyy1 August 24, 2011
A girl who thinks she is loved by all , but really is the opposite. Wants to be at the center of attention. hangs out with males because they are less drama... (loves a good fellatio)
Don't pull an alison!
#bj #hoe #slut #tramp #drama #thot
by amnantha April 14, 2015
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