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The most beautiful girl ever seen by anyone ever. From the moment she is seen you will love her. She is funny, smart, fun. If you dont love her, you are gay (even if your a girl). When ever she smiles or laughs your heart melts a little. When you make her happy, you feel as if your goal in life has been fulfilled. She. Is. Perfect.
Gay guy: Did you see that girl? She makes me want to be straight. Definately an Alison.

Straight guy: (incoherant babbling)
by incoheran babbler April 05, 2009
The hottest girl you will ever meet she is so damn funny and will always make you laugh. She loves to have a good time and will stop at nothing to party all night long.
"wow, do you see that chick?"
" yeah thats Alison"
"man shes hot!"
by jskdnendjxixmak drrfkficixjz January 25, 2014
The best sister you could ever ask for.She's amaz.She'll always be there for you through thick and thin ,through sunshine or snowstorm.She is one of the funniest people you will ever meet.She's smart and pretty.Whenever you are sad she'll always be there for you ready to make you smile,feel better,help you dry your tears or give you advice.She is the one person who you can trust for sure.She'll never ever let you down.You can always count on Alison.If you have an Alison by your side you are truly the luckiest person alive cuz a sister like her only comes once in a lifetime.
Alison you're the best! Ily sis!!!!!
by ~parisromecaribean~ November 21, 2013
An awesome ginger who was born April 1st. She is so pretty and an amazing, funny girl. Ms. Alison Kachnoskie
Omg look at that girl! she is such an Alison Kachnoskie!
by blackguyyyyy1 August 24, 2011
A short, blonde hair, blue eyed aspiring top model. She always worries about how she looks even tho she looks perfect. Runway Barbie!
Look at Alison run the bases as if shes struttin on that catwalk.
by ChatteringTeeth March 31, 2012
Forbidden friendship. A massive legal catastrophe waiting to happen. Shattered heart. Extremely dangerous to your freedom and your mental health.
Women with the name Alison only ever go for multimillionaire men when looking for a boyfriend/husband.
by cftgb June 16, 2008
A slutty cunt who will do anything to get fucked.
Alison is a slut!
by BBCc123 August 28, 2013
1. crazy (not the good way)
2.psycho (i know it's repetitive just go with it!)
3. bitch (not the female dog.)

the absolute most flat chested girl in the world! usually crushes on guys but is to afraid to come out and say it.
dude 1: Hey man, i just asked alison out!

dude 2: brah she going to cut yo dick off.

dude 1: damnit!
by rawyak January 13, 2012