Alina's always no what to say if your are down. Everyone who knows an Alina is a lucky person. They are crazy, funny, and have a great personality. They are super loud but that is a thing to love. Many people may reject her as a friend, but those people are missing out on a great girl. if you are friends with an Alina, tell her she is awesome because most Alina's are. Being friends wiht an alina is complicated but worth it, they can be the awesome kind of childish and that is another reason to love them. An alina will make anyone laugh and wipe a frown off there face. Alinas can be shy at first but when you no them long enough, they will be the best type of crazy in the world. Alinas can scare away any mean guy and attract any nice one. These girls are the best of friends and very rare, so if you know one, never let her go. Alina's are about one of the best friends/girlfriends you can ever find!!!!!
Scott: that girl over there is weird, i don't like her
Julia: that girls name is Alina and she is one of my best friends, if you get to know her you will regret what you said!
by kitkat223 July 24, 2013
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By far the reason why i am the luckiest guy in the world!
You are with Alina? Damn, you're one lucky cat!
by nateismeantome March 02, 2004
one sexy bitch, with a huge ass, that is confident, and can have any hot boy she wants, the one girl that is hard to get with, and makes you work for her affection.
damn..alina is the most amazing thing ive ever laid eyes on.
by hottnessyo August 25, 2008
the m0st beautiful, funniest, crazy girl in the world. always there for her boyfriend and friends.
o by the way her boyfriend is sexy.
Why cant u be ALINA, (delacho)
by heffalump<3! August 26, 2008
THE HOTTEST GIRL IN THE WORLD OMFG!!!! by far has the greatest personality and is very loving and caring to her friends....she has a lover by the name of ryan....she loves him soo much he doesnt even know
Ryan saw Alina, and it was love at first sight.
by tiger7rb January 12, 2007
Alina is the best person ever.
she is always there for you when you need her most.
best friends for life
brown hair
blue eyes
awesome friend

i love her as a best friend

she the bomb.!(:
we have a lot of inside jokes
Alina she cool (:
by dgagel2 October 24, 2009
She is the most gorgeous woman in the world! She is amazingly awesome, funny, sexy, intelligent, caring, loving, hot, beautiful, always fun to be around, pretty, and the most wonderful girlfriend and friend in the world! Not to mention, she is the sexiest woman in the world. Guys want to be with her and Girls want to be her.
Alina is amazing.
by 0723:P November 23, 2011
She's the sweetest girl you will meet. The person who can make you laugh about anything no matter if it is funny or not. Her&her bestfriend are as close as it gets, everyone wants to be her. Shes their for you in times of need, and always can cheer you up. People look up to her.
Dont even think that youve ever met someone as beautiful, a large smile, perfect blue eyes, clear tan skin, and light brown perfectly straight hair. Shes loveable, loyal, funny, and most importantly my best friend.
who's that?

oh thats alina, my bestfriend
by love2forlife May 14, 2011

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