A girl who is the most saxy in the whole galaxy and likes McDonalds and KFCs. she just wants a guy to love and romance her with two sports cars.
Hey thats Alina, lets take her to KFCs.
by gibtoe August 25, 2011
A singer from Germany or somewhere that sings: When You Leave (Numa Numa). Also featured in Playboy.
Jett: what ya doin?
Amy: nothin.
Jett: wanna listen to Alina with me?
by JettyLovesKyle April 03, 2011
A girl who resembles the cereal cartoon character Toucan Sam. They are actually quite identical.
" Wow look at that bird over there, ah shit that's just Alina. "

Child: Mommy can u buy me that cereal
Mother: Which one is that honey
Child: The one with Alina on it
Mother: No problem
by lakjhlkfjsa May 15, 2011
Queen of the shiny face and most likely the greatest fan of a capella ever.
Let's go hang out with Alina cuz we are bored.
by bored guy January 23, 2005
Alina is a cool girl that is American (preferably Romanian) but living in Australia. How trippy is that. Haha well its her birthday today and thats pretty special heheh so now you can be the coolest kid in school with a web definition! WOW!

Happy Birthday Alina I hope you had a good day and some cook gifts... :P
"IM Alina and i like dance music woooo"

Person standing by: "wow how much do you wanna be like her!"
by Your friend Karl February 02, 2005
a young russian american who lives in manalapan, new jersey. see jesus
alina is such a cool cat.
by J _ _ _ _ December 24, 2003
a girl who thinks shes hot but tells people differently. She usually wants a guy but he hates her. Alinas have acne, smelly feet, and hard crunchy hair.
alina is so ugly
by thisonekid101 June 20, 2011
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