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A cult of sorts, kind of like Scientology except not as retarded. Members believe that our universe is a simulation inside a powerful alien computer. This theory may well be logical; someday we might have super powerful computers, with the invention of quantum computers. So other races already having a very powerful computer is totally realistic. Alientology is believable, plus it is not like all that Xenu crap.
Guy 1: Hey I heard that our universe is a simulation inside an alien computer.

Guy 2: Welcome to Alientology.
by aakksshhaayy June 10, 2008
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the belief in ones inner soul, that aliens do in fact coexist with the rest of the universe. God or Jesus is categorized as one of the many alien species.
Sally:I love Jesus.

George:So you beleive in alientology?


George:Fuck you.
by sundanceII December 10, 2009

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