A 1979 movie is rumored to inspire a huge surge in young men entering the ob-gyn field due to creatures exploding out of people's bodies.
I delivered a 10 month Latina baby that popped out just like in Alien. Boy was her mother's corpse a mess.
by dudelookslikeachimp December 29, 2007
an object that is uncommonly foreign and is inserted into a person's orifice. such as a tv changer, a magic marker, a lamp, a baseball bat, your dog, a coat rack, or a t-bone stake
A cactus makes a wonderful alien
by Standford August 14, 2006
something that don't look human, very abnormal, very ugly
i thought i was being shagged by an alien last night then i had a closer look and it was my boyfriend DAZ
by marie August 20, 2003
People say that aliens are another race, I think different, we are teh aliens, how? We probably used to live on another planet but we killed it somehow and we had to go to another planet but while we got on our new planet somthing happened so that we couldnt remember thats my idea on alien life.
We are the aliens the goverment is shitting you, so dont beleive them!
by Gizzaslash July 16, 2004
demons summoned by occultists/satanists such as disciples of Aleister Crowley (or however you spell that sick fag's name)
they did this alot during WWII both in Nazi Germany and America
by o)O picasso January 08, 2005

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