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Aka the anal probe, aka anal sex.
I alien dicked that bitch last night.
by Mi Yung January 21, 2009
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Extreme penis disporportion; when it is so cold the shaft becomes extremely small and thin and the head of the penis is of normal size... often times the penis points in different directions
after taking a dump in a cold, cold forest, i looked down and noticed i had alien was soooo embarrassing

after we swam in the brisk, cool ocean, she wanted to bang, but then she saw my alien was very embarrasing

"dude i have a serious case of alien dick..this is extremely embarrassing"

man steps out of ocean, and three people scream.. "aliiiieeennn diiiiiiickkkk!!"..oh gosh it was so embarrassing

girl POV

"so i went on a date, and he had the worst alien dick everrr"
by the new revolution March 15, 2009
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