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Origin: Arab

1. A complicated, yet beautiful girl
2. An unrecognized queen
3. Someone who defines themselves
4. A true individual, a true nonconformist
5. A powerful, self actualized person
6. Means "High and Almighty One" or "Sky" "Lofty One"
I am me, I am Aliah.
by awhleeah March 08, 2009
a complete smart ass, kinda cute in that really weird way, shy but yet one of the loudest people you know, the kind of girl that would be there for you as long as you need her, and even if you hate her, always is up to something strange, a complete handfull but she always knows how to make someone smile. this is the kind of girl that would make any guy happy
See 'Liah' as it is the same as Aliah
by sexyboy553 August 31, 2011
Aliah is someone that runs through your mind constantly because of how beautiful she is , she could be the best thing that ever happened to you as long as treat her as if theres no one else in the world .
aliahs attitude makes her such a keeper
by Be relentless November 16, 2014
a stupid boy who is irresponsible and ugly.
in love with tamara and ashley
your such an ALIAHS.
by bamchickawawa December 31, 2007
Usually a fun girl until you really get to know her. She starts to become more and more about only herself and you feel like a depressed ariel on the inside but on the outside u don't need her u have a true friend but it's hard to not be her friend because you see that she's trying... just not hard enough
''That girl is such an Aliah... ''
by aobesties December 04, 2011
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