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Small town in Michigan.

Is a good place to be to raise kids or retire.

Has one of the smartest schools in the nation.

Can be boring but is better than Marine City.
Algonac is Home of Chris Craft Boats.

Marine City is home to someone who's famous for being

16 and pregnant... congratulations...that was hard work.
by anywherebutmc February 11, 2011
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A small town located in Michigan that consists of a bunch of sluts, whores, drugs, alcohol, fights, pussys, etc.

One of the shittiest small towns youll live in, nothing here but Mcdonalds, KFC/Tacobell, A Free Skatepark, A Few Dollar Stores And A Boardwalk...

This is an O.K town to raise babies but not teenagers...its too boring...Known fact that 45% of Algonac Mothers are under the age of 18.

Nothing much to do here but DRINK...and do other drugs....avoid this town if you can...heroine is a big Plus.

Your name will easily get spread whather it is a good thing or bad thing.
You will be known within 3 weeks.
Algonac is trouble....

Black people are HIGHLY DISCRIMINATED AGAINST...A black family once moved in and were chased away by a burning cross in their front lawn. True is a redneck, hick, small vacational town.

Surrounding Cities: Marine City, Clay Township, Anchor Bay, Fair Haven, New Baltimore, Etc....
Algonac Michigan.....
by tom the alcoholic!! July 12, 2008

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