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Alford (pronounced aff-fud) is a term used by the overly-private to describe their intentions to commit borderline sex crimes anonymously with like-minded consenting individuals.
"I'm going to Alford for the night"

Would perhaps mean:

I'm going to meet a lady who wants to wrap me in cling film and make love to me in front of her dog.
by Gary Barry May 31, 2011
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1. Common English surname.
2. Place - England, Scotland, South Australia, Canada.
3. Alford plea where a defendant maintains innocence but admits there is sufficient evidence to find them guilty beyond reasonable doubt.
I come from Alford.
My name is Alford.
She used the Alford plea.
by AussieChum February 05, 2010
when someone takes your car
oh that sucks. you have been alford
by SolidName January 29, 2015

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