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The most beautiful and amazing female to ever walk the earth. She's kick ass and knows how to work it.
"Woah dude, did you see that Aleisha? What a babe"
by Akayskanker July 10, 2008
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Definition of CRAZY!! she is beautifull, something you cant handle
"Aleisha, your to much to handle hun"
by PLAYERRR August 29, 2008
One of the most amazing and perfect girls you could ever meet. Is beautiful but doesn't know it. She is generous, kind, caring, selfless and crazy. She has a bubbly personality and as soon as you talk to her you feel on top of the world. Once you have one never let them go, give her the world and ask for nothing in return as she does with so many people.
Friend 1: Aw man, i think i'm in love!
Friend 2: Oh, what's the girls name?
Friend 1: Aleisha!
Friend 2: Wow, don't let that one slip!
by TheChosenOne432 August 15, 2012
Aleisha is a beautiful person and a one of a kind individual. In Realationships she is just herself and very real. The type of person to can hold her feelings back because she may be afraid.

On the other hand Aleisha is a great person, just likes to have fun and has a great personality. Everyone needs someone like Aleisha is thier lives.
Aleisha is a type of person who is friends with everyone and is someone who is very trustworthy
Aleisha is a really good friend, someone you can talk to about anything, and someone that will be there for you.
by theRealist687 May 17, 2012
Someone who is described as Mean. Not liked by very many people. Is goofy, which makes is very annoying. Doesn't know excactly what they want in life.
That Aleisha kid is annoying.
by Rennae May 28, 2008

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