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A cool personality. Warm, friendly and witty. The name can be used in various forms to convey many different messages. Very unusual and rare.
"Albie seein' ya soon" or "Albie right here when you need me" or on a voice mail: "Albie callin' ya right back", "Albie thinking about you", etc.
by albiewan August 06, 2011
A big skinhead, steroid-taking beast who hangs around with the likes of Gingers and Dicksocks. On the inside he's a beautiful caring boy and many people will tell him they wuv him when they've had a few drinks. He has a desire to grow a moustache similar to that of Bronson's and jams to Duran Duran while driving like a maniac at four in the morning.
"Look at that Albie, he's intimidating from afar but I want to tell him my feelings!"
by iamthesocklord April 21, 2010
1. I'm ilke an Albie right now, sick!
2. Damn, that kid is iike, i dunno, Albie!
by grandpaeater May 16, 2009
Background Albie, scared of stepping out of the background to do stuff even when he is the only person not really stoned he wont get anyone any food or share his skittles, hes too worried about stepping out of the background.
You're such an Albie
by Maximills June 19, 2011