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When you plan on sleeping in, but get woken up many hours earlier than expected to find that you are jizzing all over yourself after having a saucy dream about an eager young gymnast.
10:45pm: "Tomorrow, I shall awaken at noon!"
8:17am: "Hnng! Aww...damn alarm cock!"
by Megaballs September 29, 2012
6 2
Also see: Dirt Rooster

When a male wakes up his partner in the morning by ramming them in the rear with his cock and screaming "Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Beyotch!"

Does not work so well on a sleeper with an unusually loose anus, in which case they will continue to sleep like a baby....well...a baby with a loose anus anyway.

Warning: Repeated use may invoke adverse reactions from sleeper; including but not limited to; a bat over the head followed by an emphatic "Cock-A-Doodle-Don't MuthaFucka!"
"That bitch kept hitting the snooze button, so I had to wake her up with the Alarm Cock!"
by The Hunter May 27, 2004
79 40
When you wake a girl by poking her with a hard cock.
Kelly: Why do you look so tired?

Erica: Sam's alarm cock woke me up early.
by wplv April 25, 2010
31 9
The act of awakening a female by means of striking her face with ones erect cock.
A male with morning wood, while standing with his hips next to a sleeping females head, pulls his hard-on as far as possible away from her face, takes good aim, and then releases a hammering Alarmcock. Repeat if necessary and notice the priceless look she gives.
by Thomas Burr January 14, 2008
16 4
alarm cock is when one is awoken from sleep by recieving head. usually the male beig awoken by a female but both cases are common and enjoyable!
timmy "shit dude my girl woke me up at like 6 this morning!"
pettie "what a bitch"
timmy "yeah but it was alarm cock so it was bless"
by Joe Dallyo May 16, 2006
25 13
When your man wakes you up by pressing his boner into your thigh, butt, back, etc., indicating to you that he wants to have sex.
Karen: Jane you look so tired this morning!

Jane: Oh yeah, the alarm-cock went off about three times last night.

Karen: You go girl!
by Pratipax July 17, 2008
17 6
An act usually performed on females, but can also be performed on another male, that involves beating the individual about the mouth and cheek with ones cock to wake them up from sleep.
My cheeks are red because my boyfriend woke me up with the alarm cock.
by Pugh April 20, 2005
43 34
A full bladder that tends to wake you up in morning.
My alarm cock woke me up at 5 this morning; maybe I should get my prostate checked.
by Darren O'Donnell August 19, 2008
31 23