That sentient supercomputer smartass from the video game, DR. Muto(on Nintendo Gamecube, Sony Playstion 2, and Microsoft Xbox)
Al is often saying rude things to Dr. Muto during the game.
by Light Joker April 24, 2004
An acronym for Actually Laughing
Used to express reality laughing when you're not just writing 'lol' to make the one you chat with happy :]
<BONZI> You know if I could speak german I would just speak it to myself all day so I can laugh my arse off forever
by StarDuster January 03, 2004
A nickname for the tattle-tell at work. When spelled out it means ass licker. He is constantly telling on people for looking at webistes such as urban Stating that it's a security risk. We have recently developed a tattle-tell box that we use to tell on each other with.
AL is in the president's office again bitching about bighead being on MSN again.
by Frankenstein Suzuki July 13, 2006
1) State code for Alabama - eg; Montgomery, AL 36117
Hey maw, get off the dang roof!
by AL is full of redneck hicks! February 14, 2004
A name used for a male of the obviously gay persuasion. Enjoys holding hands with boys, wearing hats, annoying girls and thinking he's good at sports. Note, big gay al off south park.
Really you are a bit of an al
by Princesss October 15, 2006

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