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In Slang term, it means "Blank" which is ignoring someone.
Mike: "Yo Ed, what's up?"
Ed: (ignores)
Mike: "Yo why is he bare airing me for"
by Maltz May 03, 2013
The act of crouching over a toilet in a semi-standing position while in a public bath, taking a shit, as to not get any AIDS or other germs from the toilet seat
"Hey Jim, cover my basket I've gotta go do some airing because, I dont trust the walmart bathrooms."

"Yo, dude I was at waffle house last nite and I had to take a massive shit, so I just aired the hell outa that stall."
by AxDk March 15, 2010
winning easily at something. Not challenged, not hurried or forced.
Scott beat woody in a foot race by 15 feet. Scott was airing.
by Raging Fish February 09, 2009
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