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A person who is not afraid to go out on da dance flo' and shake dat thang.
"DAYMMN who is that chick breakin' it down ova there?"
"OBVIOUSLY an Aileen...!"
by shaneequajones November 05, 2007
783 395
A girl who is self- concious, funny, sweet, exceptionally compassionate and usually brings light to others. The name Aileen mean's "light". Commonly mispronounced as Alien, A-leen, or eileen. (i-leen)
Aw that girl is such an Aileen!
by You know whoooo February 17, 2010
505 156
The most wonderful, perfect, bundle of sunshine. She is mature, beautiful, and incredibly lucky. Like an Irish sunrise.

She has a soulmate who adores her.
Will you marry me, Aileen?
by ecostl February 25, 2010
456 124
the sexay mama with a kim kardashian butt. she's the best girl in the world and knows how to work it!! all the boys love her
Girl #1: who's that girl?

Guy #1: that's the best girl in the world, AILEEN!!

Everyone: agreed.
by bababling July 31, 2011
197 99
A mom who is awesome crazy weird lovable funny and amazing she is on person you can count on and you won't regret meeting her
Aileen is awesome
by Bff March 25, 2012
78 46
the word shouted before an alien invasion.
OH SHIT! An Aileen is coming!
by parttwo May 01, 2009
204 493