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The mega talented superstar from Blackpool. Super sexy style, with a super sexy quiff. Also widely renouned for his bunnyears.
Talented.Gorgeous.Intelligent.Sweet. Aiden Grimshaw
by dollfacebabyyyy November 21, 2010
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Well known for the bromance with XFactor winner Matt Cardle, being well and truely sexy, and giving Grimlings goosebumps when singing.
Wow, look at that Aiden Grimshaw, the quiff.. WOW!
by QUIFFTEAM February 22, 2011
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an amazingly gorgeous man from Blackpool! extremely talented and looks like a god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when he sings you are 100% bound to get goosebumps! well known for his QUIFF AND AMAZING DANCE MOVES <3 over all wonderful dude!!
look at that guys Aiden Grimshaw quif!f, look at those amazing Aiden Grimshaw dance moves
by violet grimshaw December 06, 2011
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