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Used to describe a person or thing that is full of it, fake, or lying. People who are posers can be descirbed as Ah-ah-ah.
No, he's ah-ah-ah, he never played high school basketball.
by socitytable September 25, 2003
The hand gesture in which you tap your shoulders perfectly timed to each ah. First successfully done by Pauly Shore in Encino Man. This act shows and means you are in the state of powerballin'. This act may not be used as a phrase meaning do not do whatever it ii syou are about to do. e.i. "ah ah aaaah. dont even think about snagging my last bagel!"
"Hjgh school was pretty brutal this year, ah ah ah"

"I was ah ah ahin' last night on my date. She was lovin' it"
by Peter O' Bronz August 11, 2008
when you have fuck the sound the women makes
ah fuck me ahahah it's hurting like fuck but it's fucking fun ahahah
by ah-ah-ah September 04, 2003
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