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Something gathering or condensing together into one space.
The agglomeration of a snowball rolling down a hill.

The small town slowly agglomerated into a bustling city.

The raindrops on the window agglomerated into streams that flowed to the base.
by Blutliebe March 01, 2010
Used to describe anything that sounds like the word. Origins: Invented by Aisling and Una in french class.
1. Look at that huge agglomeration growing off the side of that cow's head!
2. the party was an agglomeration of weridos, confetti and cheesecake.
3. molecular microbiolgy is simply an agglomeration of nonsense.
by Una January 23, 2006
A cross between an aggragation and a conglomeration
His writing style reflected an agglomeration of influences.
by Warapple May 05, 2006

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