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To put something together in a makeshift fashion.

See also: nigger rig and jerry rig
I managed to afro engineer that broken plane wing with a roll of duct tape.
by Timmah December 26, 2003
A somewhat more polite way of saying nigger rig.
I couldn't afford to patch the wall, so we had to afro-engineer it with Duck Tape and white out.
by Logan G March 22, 2006
the politcally correct term for nigger rig, to fix something in a nigger like fashion. Example: Duct tape or mis-matched parts
You look like a real afro engineer with all that duct tape on your car.
by Andrew Jonstonian April 10, 2008
v. The opposite of nigger rigging. Taking a well working vehicle (car, SUV, motorcycle) and making it unable to perform to it's original specifications. The vehicle's new purpose is only to gain the attentions of every human within earshot. Vehicles which have been Afro Engineered can be characterized by their extraordinarily loud exhaust systems and/or stereo systems, have shiny over-sized wheels, and will be seen swerving. They are operated by individuals with little to no skill or insurance and the scent of alcohol and/or marijuana will be present.
1. Afro Engineer-ed Car: Putting 22" spinners, lambo doors, ultra dark tint windows, and an Alpine stereo in a Chrysler 300. Usually seen cruising 10-15 mph under the speed limit, smoke rolling out of the windows.

2. Afro Engineer-ed Motorcycle: A grossly extended swing arm, fat rear tyre, ground effects, and graffiti inspired paint job on a Suzuki Gixxer. Can no longer take turns property, but can go fast in a straight line, which matches the (lack of) skill level seen in the riders.

Extra points for a ho with a mini skirt, tank top, and 6" heels on the back.
by Jescati May 29, 2011
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