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Another racist name for somebody of African descent, it is a portmanteau of the words African and Coon
My friend Tammy is a racist and called my new Friend from Kenya an Africoon.
by Phaenixdrools November 28, 2006
68 26
pretty selfexplanitory... combination of African and Coon...racial slur
He's jus a Africoon ....person
by prettygurlkrissy@hotmail.com April 14, 2007
45 13
The derogatory term for a bunch of coons of african decent, a normal black man is a black person ;, a black drug dealer, gang member is a nigga and a black african person is a coon.
Tommy; I think we shud cross the road Dan
Danny; why mate
Tommy; there's a group of africoons down da road gettin me paranoid
Danny; shit ummm we have to hide ur nokia's in ur boxers before we get robbed
Big africoon; yo fam wot u got 4 me?
Tommy; nuffin man just a banana dat my mum packed 4 my lunch
Group of africoons; assult and stab tommy and danny 356 times in the chest
by special kaaay August 12, 2010
29 8
The newest member of the LNHN. Loves America. Hates black presidents. Former member of CTU. Known to attack extreme bitches and leftists.

Other members of the LNHN are: Brown Ghetto, Jim Crow, Blazn, and Brotha Lynch Hung.
Mett Lung: I believe capitalism has failed. We should adopt socialism.

Africoon: Well, this is America. We dont do that European socialist shit here. Excuse me well I punch hippies in the face.
by J. Crow of the LNHN June 16, 2009
7 15
An annoying, angry person.
"Quit being such an Africoon Phil, asshole."
by Matt June 24, 2005
26 44