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Another racist name for somebody of African descent, it is a portmanteau of the words African and Coon
My friend Tammy is a racist and called my new Friend from Kenya an Africoon.
by Phaenixdrools November 28, 2006
The derogatory term for a bunch of coons of african decent, a normal black man is a black person ;, a black drug dealer, gang member is a nigga and a black african person is a coon.
Tommy; I think we shud cross the road Dan
Danny; why mate
Tommy; there's a group of africoons down da road gettin me paranoid
Danny; shit ummm we have to hide ur nokia's in ur boxers before we get robbed
Big africoon; yo fam wot u got 4 me?
Tommy; nuffin man just a banana dat my mum packed 4 my lunch
Group of africoons; assult and stab tommy and danny 356 times in the chest
by special kaaay August 12, 2010
The newest member of the LNHN. Loves America. Hates black presidents. Former member of CTU. Known to attack extreme bitches and leftists.

Other members of the LNHN are: Brown Ghetto, Jim Crow, Blazn, and Brotha Lynch Hung.
Mett Lung: I believe capitalism has failed. We should adopt socialism.

Africoon: Well, this is America. We dont do that European socialist shit here. Excuse me well I punch hippies in the face.
by J. Crow of the LNHN June 16, 2009
An annoying, angry person.
"Quit being such an Africoon Phil, asshole."
by Matt June 24, 2005
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