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An overly pessimistic black man.
Tyrese: Damn, I ain't never getting a job.
Shakwanda: Be an African, not an African't.
Tyrese: Yous is an Afri-CUNT!
Shakwanda: Nigga please!
by Da Shizznit August 05, 2008
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Word that plays on the stereotype that niggers are lazy.
That African't was supposed to finish painting my hose by now. Stupid coon.
by Alex the Tawana hater January 03, 2008
(Adjective): a nickname referring to the fact that most people from the African descent are useless and never will get anything accomplished with their life. Typically these people live off of welfare and are too damn lazy to get a job.
You see that African't over there?
Yeah, he literally isn't doing anything and tried to take my shoes.
by Average racist February 03, 2015
Unemployed/lazy Blacks.. git it lol its a real term doe
African?, more like African't get a job
by April 14, 2007
black guy who has a long horse-like penis but can't do anything useful or contribute anything to society.
white people often try to emulate them.
by Anonymous June 25, 2003

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