Someone who is from Africa!
My friend Lydia is from Africa, but she is white!
by Homosexual April 30, 2005
African - some one from Africa.

African in America is different from an African American/ black American becasue we still retain our culture and language. There is no term for Africans in America, most people use the name of the specific country ie Nigerian -American, Malawian-American, South - African American, rather then the general "African" for those that are first generation or naturalised. This is so that African Americans are not to be confused with African in America.

(ie Italian American is used over European American becasue it is more specific),part of the reason people tend to hyphenate the term 'african' is becasue people still tend to see Africa as one large country with different states, as opposed to several ( 56 different countries with distincet cultures, languages, and laws.)
Are you African or African American?
I am an African and a citizen of an African country.

He may be a white citizen of an African country but is not an African-American because he is white.
by Ms T November 21, 2005
Someone whose ancestry willingly emigrated from Africa, conversely to African-American. The real black people, with real African names, not stupid pseudo African ghetto names that will keep you from getting a job. Also, the most educated group in the US fact
Wow, the family moving in next door is of African descent, they must pull in 200K per year.
by realafrican December 18, 2010
Any individual whose recent ancestry (in the past 50 years) is from the continent of Africa, in contrast with African Americans.

As an African I know that there are no people indigenous to the continent of Africa besides the people who are commonly referred to as "BLACK" today. This includes all 56 countries of Africa from South Africa, north through Kenya, to Egypt, and from Senegal in the West through Chad, Eastwards to the Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean.

Asians (including Arabs, white Indians and East Asians) or pink (white/European) people that call themselves African are not indigenous but children of invaders fleeing persecution from Europe and Asia. They came to Africa seeking better lives free from wars and diseases. Some were peacefully ushered, some had to fight their way in. Hostilities still occur.

Also, Africans are people who because of physical characteristics, fall into the category designated as "BLACK."

But these Black people of Africa have over 30 different skin tones ranging from deep ebony to different sorts of browns to yellows.

Hair textures also range from kinky to curly to wavy. They also exhibit all the shapes of the noses and lip sizes that exist all over the world, giving credibility to the fact that all mankind descended from Black Africans.
Philip Emeagwali, the inventor of the supercomputer that made it possible for us to have internet today, is an African. However, more specifically, he is a Nigerian American.
by Khiminre August 29, 2006
An African is someone from Africa they dont have to be black some africans are white and others are asian So basicly an African is someone from Africa what couler skin they have does not matter. Its as simple as that.
boy: Hi where are you from
girl: Im from Africa
Boy: but your white
Girl: some Africans are white
by Nyasha July 25, 2006
dark-skin individuals who smell like shit.
why does this chair smell like shit? there must have been an african sitting there.
by whyzgeye November 30, 2010

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