A two to three-hour block on Cartoon Network that has yet to show an adult or mature cartoon.
Although the concept of Adult Swim is a fucking joke, some of the cartoons, such as Sealab and the Oblongs, are well crafted and chock full of humor.
by AYB June 16, 2003
A great late night block of shows on cartoon network. Greatly improved from when it just had anime crap.
It would be pretty damn funny if a young kid decided to stay up late watching Cartoon Network and end up watching shows like The Family Guy on Adult Swim
by Stroup December 13, 2003
A block of programming on Cartoon Network that airs later at night. It features mostly funny mid-90's cartoons like Family Guy and Futurama and the rest is filled with stupid shit like anime, talking food items, and whatever other shit they can find to throw on there. Known for their 'creative' and 'cool' segues to and from commercials.
"Hey, we can't go for a run....Adult Swim is on. We'd better sit on our asses and watch this shit instead."
by Brett September 12, 2004
A block that used to be good until they got rid of Mission Hill. That show kicked ass
by me October 16, 2003

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