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7 definitions by yomikey75

adj. used to describe the friend or not so friend that has absoulutly no life of their own, so they are constantly at your house, eating your food, and drinking your beer.
WARNING: if you feed them once they never leave.
mike: what the hell bro, kieth is here all the time now.

bobby: i know dude, i envited him for BBQ and beers one time, and now he wont leave!

mike: you got yourself a stray dog!
by yomikey75 March 20, 2009
adj. describes what you must do when you tee off from the men's tee's and not make it pass the womens tee box.
mike didnt make it past the womans tee's....look like the next one is a dick out shot.
by yomikey75 March 20, 2009
n. the monk that is responsible for counting the offerings and tiths in the monastairys in las vegas, where it is completly acceptable to give offering in casino chips.
how much offering did we bring in last sunday? i dont know ask keith he's the chip monk this week.
by yomikey75 March 20, 2009
adj. term is used in the game of golf. when you have aproached your ball and swing wildly sending the ball on a 75-90 degree angle from where the ball was struck from.
mike said to bobby "keith sure donkey hooked the shit out of that one"

the only way your getting around that tree is to donkey hook it.

hey bobby what's up for the weekend? you wanna go donkey hooking?
by yomikey75 March 20, 2009
adj.used to describe the actions of one who is tired of their own job or trade, and is talking smack to someone who has the job or trade that they are not smart enough to do.
mike (the pipe fitter) says to bobby (the pipe welder) " you welders are sure are some lazy fucks" keith ( another pipe welder) says to bobby " dont listen to that punk, he's tired of haveing to do all the grinding he's just craft blasting.
by yomikey75 March 20, 2009
Not a damn cartoon show. more for the adults that actually have a life and a swimming pool. adult swim is the act that takes place after all the kids are in bed asleep, and the beer has been flowing.
hey baby the kids in bed asleep. you ready to head out to the pool for a little adult swim?
by yomikey75 March 20, 2009
n. used to describe cocain or meth. generally used by habitial users who have screwed up there nasal passages to the point that they can't breathe thru their noses with out it.
man my allergies are killing me, you got any blonase?
by yomikey75 March 20, 2009